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Speakers Bureau Photos


Stu speaking 1.jpg

During March 2020, Historian Stuart Hoyt made several presentations to social studies classes in Dripping Springs, TX.

Kids dressed up.jpg

Stuart Hoyt dressed students in colonial attire.

Ben Reincke.png

Ben Reincke's Class

Kristin Wright.png

Kristin Wright's Class

Whitney Dunn.png

Whitney Dunn's Class

Kelly Pesek.png

Kelly Pesek's Class

Rachel Amrine.png

Rachel Amrine's Class

Sara Meyette.png

Sara Meyette's Class


Stu Hoyt presented each of the teachers with a Certificate of Appreciation and a DVD of 52 weeks of snippets of the American Revolution. From L to R are Ben Reincke, Kristin Wright, Rachel Armine, Stu Hoyt, Sara Meyette, and Kelly Pesek. Whitney Dunn was not available for this picture.

Heading 5
Stu visits Ms. Becky Williams' AP US History class at Steele HS
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